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SuperCoach Online

SuperCoach Online

Insight by structure

During his many years of coaching, Olympic coach Paul Metz noticed the intense need for a training structure by age, as well as through visual exercises and video support. So he decided to develop the SuperCoach Online software.

SuperCoach Online is great software which enables trainers and coaches to prepare and update instantly their own tailor made training programme. This makes sharing and updating training programmes with other coaches or athletes very quick and simple.

Benefits of SuperCoach Online

  • 90% reduction in preparation time
  • Online sharing and viewing training and exercises
  • A database with hundreds of sample photographs, exercise reproductions and videos
  • Automatic creation of all training programmes for a specific period
  • Automatic implementation of a LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) structure for youth teams

For whom is SuperCoach Online?

For all sports trainers and coaches who want to spend less time on preparation and administration and more time on the training itself. Also, for those who want to increase the sporting performance of the athletes and to give a quality impulse to their own club.

The winner takes it all!!


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